Sailing boat excursion within the Egadi Marine Protected Area

We offer relaxing sailing excursions, sailing is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and the beautiful waters of Favignana, few people on board (9max), place the sailing trip well away from the usual crowded excursions. Sailing brings people closer to nature, once the engine is turned off the magic of sailing will come into play, the sound of water and nature will be the only background.

The excursion will begin at 10 a.m. After a brief historical explanation about the Tonnara of Favignana and the myth of the Florios, we will reach the most famous cove "cala rossa."
This bay will enchant you with its colors and crystal clear waters. Another stop will be near the ancient tuff quarries of Bue Marino. Leaving this other fantastic place, we will sail to the Preveto islet, where while guests can snorkel while admiring the beauty of the seabed, the captain will prepare a tasty lunch of local products. After refreshments you will sail again to the not distant Round Cove, this cove is perfect for snorkeling, you will be able to observe the numerous fauna that inhabit it and also observe a wall rich in madrepores. Our Skippers, both biology graduates, can provide you with valuable insights into marine biology, explaining the ecology and biodiversity of our Marine Protected Area.

Depending on weather conditions we will decide whether to make other stops, one of which could be the blue cave. Return is scheduled for 4:30 pm.

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