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We often make the mistake of believing that we have to go to the other side of the globe to find crystal clear sea and wilderness. In fact, we often forget that we have places, in the Mediterranean, that are no match for the more emblazoned Caribbean beaches. An example? Theisland of Favignana, in theEgadi archipelago.

Choosing to spend a vacation in Favignana, always turns out to be a very good choice. If you are looking for a place close by, easy to reach and with beautiful sea where you can spend a relaxing vacation, Favignana is the right place.

We are in the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands , the largest marine reserve in Europe, home to a rich and varied marine flora and fauna.

The area protects the best-preserved Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadow in the Mediterranean, a fish fauna of great biodiversity, and many EU-protected species.

The island is almost all flat divided in two by the mountain of Santa Caterina where the castle of the same name will greet you upon your arrival at the port along with the imposing Palazzo Florio. Its coastline is 90% accessible from land, therefore easy to reach. You will only need to rent a bike or scooter to reach the countless sandy coves alternating with beautiful cliffs. Among the most famous are cala rossa, cala azzurra, lido burrone, cala rotonda, bue marino.

But Favignana is also history; a visit to the former Florio factory will reveal all the secrets of two centuries of Favignanese life. Not to mention tuff quarries and underground gardens within old disused quarries now lush with vegetation. But what will stick with you most are the smells of the herbs, the sea, the seaweed along the coast. In the evening when you are seated at your table for dinner you review what you have done during the day and the feeling is that you have done it all but in reality you are still at the beginning of your adventure. Because Favignana is not visited, but experienced.

The island of Favignana is the capital and the largest among the islands of the Egadi archipelago, the others being Levanzo and Marettimo, all of which are easily accessible.


Levanzo is the smallest of the three Egadi islands, located off the west coast of Sicily. With its crystal clear waters and striking sea caves, Levanzo is a paradise for sea and snorkeling lovers. The island is also known for its fascinating hiking trails that lead to breathtaking views and ancient ruins. With its quiet and authentic character, Levanzo is the ideal place for a relaxing getaway immersed in natural beauty.


Marettimo is the most remote and wildest of the Egadi islands, located in the western Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily. With its breathtaking landscapes, clear waters and rich marine life, Marettimo is a true paradise for nature and water sports lovers. The island is surrounded by beautiful coves and sea caves that invite exploration by kayak or boat. Visitors can also enjoy trekking along coastal paths that offer spectacular views and the chance to discover ancient ruins and the island’s rich flora and fauna. Marettimo is the ideal place for those seeking an authentic experience and direct contact with the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Favignana – Florio: History of the family and three generations of entrepreneurs in Favignana 


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