Cala Rossa Favignana

Cala Rossa Favignana

There are places on this planet of ours that are certainly unique, the reefs, the atolls, the Caribbean islands, places that we all dream of visiting at least once in our lives.One of these places perhaps not everyone knows that we have in Sicily, specifically in the Egadi Islands, in Favignana is Cala Rossa.
Cala Rossa takes its name mythically, like so many places in our Sicily, from terrible and sad events as if to reiterate that even in the worst situation we always manage to make the best of it.

Here in 241 B.C. on March 10, a terrible naval battle took place, so many were the casualties that the entire golfetto was colored red with blood--but is this a legend ? We will never know but we can say that the legend probably corresponds to a minimum of truth.
The famous and terrible battle of the Egadi unknowingly gave name to one of the most beautiful and desirable coves in the Mediterranean.

To get to Cala Rossa by land you can use the bike, but even on foot by trekking it is a nice walk to take, you need to go all the way along the straight stretch of the Litoranea, the right-hand bend and go straight. Then just follow the clearly marked road signs to easily reach the cove, which is about 4 km from the village, which can be done comfortably in 50 minutes by foot and 15 by bike.

You arrive at a stone building to your right (of a famous Italian actor couple), in front of which is the access to the cove. You can leave bikes here. Once down, watch out for caves on the right side of the cove that run into tunnels for hundreds of meters. Although they seem solid, their strength has never been tested. It is therefore ill-advised to go into it. Also watch out for the trails, which are crumbly and slippery.

The deep turquoise seabed finds an exceptional contrast with the golden white of the tufa walls that embrace it.
These ancient excavations created caves articulated into tunnels, present in the western part of the cove. The caves are extremely impressive especially in the last hours of the day, when the sun, now low on the horizon, illuminates the interior. But be careful !
The sea at Cala Rossa is crystal clear and the flat rocks are ideal for sunbathing.

Looking from above, to the left, is a pebble beach, the only exception in a cove of very large rocks.
The accessibility to the sea is inconvenient: to reach the cove one must walk more or less steeply downhill through narrow, steep paths. As the cove is very wide, it is possible that you may have to walk even several minutes to reach the desired rock.
Because of its beauty, the cove is theoretically suitable for anyone who can handle the long descent. In practice, however, families with children under the age of three, pregnant women and those with walking difficulties should pay special attention.

In the summertime it is taken by storm by vessels from all over the Egadi Islands and Sicily, Marsala in particular is very close. These vessels should moor in the BOEs set up by the Egadi MPA to preserve the rich Posidonia beds present. If you verify wrongdoing, call the PORT CAPTAIN without hesitation and report any transgression. It is important that we all work together so that this gem of a cove is preserved.

There are several nautical services that can take you by sea to the Cove, use only the authorized ones that have in plain sight a plate specially issued by the AMP Egadi Islands. A word of advice, bring your rock shoes, a lump of bread for the wrasse and you will have a snorkel you will not easily forget...if you go by out for seagulls...they will steal your lunch !!! Good bathing in Cala Rossa.

  texts ©Giorgio De Simone

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